Portable Toilet Rentals Are Needed When You Host An Event That Isn't Near Public Toilets

If you're planning a festival or other event that's outdoors and away from public restrooms, you'll need some portable toilet rentals for the attendees. There are different types of portable toilets, so you may want to explore all of your options with the rental company and get their advice on the right type of portable toilets to rent and how many you'll need. Here's what you want to know about portable toilet rentals.

Book Your Toilets In Advance

As soon as you know the date of your event, call a portable toilet rental company to find out how soon in advance you need to book your toilets. They can also help you figure out what type of toilets you need and how many.

Portable toilet rentals are in demand during all seasons of the year since there are seasonal festivals, weddings, and events going on year-round. You might need to book your rentals weeks or months in advance to make sure you get the number you need.

Water Hookups Aren't Necessary

Some luxury toilets hook up to water and electricity, but common toilet rentals can be placed anywhere because they don't need hookups. The hand washing station uses hand sanitizer and stored water, so people can still wash their hands. If you plan to rent luxury toilets or trailers, then make sure you'll have the ability to connect them to water and electricity.

The Toilets Need To Be Placed On Level Ground

While you don't need a toilet rental to be near a hookup, you'll need to find a place with level, stable ground. In addition, a truck has to have easy access to the location for dropping off and servicing the toilet. You may want the toilets lined up in one location or spread around your event. The rental company can help you find the ideal place to set up the toilets.

Wheelchair Units Are Available

Consider if your event will need portable toilets for those in wheelchairs. These units are bigger so a wheelchair can fit inside. If you're hosting a public event, wheelchair-accessible toilets are a good idea since you don't know who'll be in attendance. If your event is private and you know who will be there, a wheelchair unit might not be necessary.

You can also rent larger units that make it easier for large people and those with children to use. Let the rental company know the type of event you'll be having so they understand the type of toilets you'll need.

For more information about portable toilet rentals, contact a local company.