Things You Need to Know About Toilet Backups

No one wants to talk about clogged toilets. It's gross but it is necessary to understand why you need to avoid flushing certain items and how to avoid toilet backups.

What are signs that a toilet is backed up?

When your toilet will not flush properly, it is likely backed up due to a clog in the plumbing line that is directly attached to it. This is typically not a problem that will clear up by itself over time. It needs human intervention to work properly again.

What causes toilet backup?

While everyone knows that feminine hygiene products shouldn't be flushed down a toilet, many other seemingly harmless products can do damage when flushed, including: 

1. Cigarettes. While it may make sense to grab a quick cigarette in the bathroom, it is not a wise decision to flush the cigarette when you are finished. Cigarette butts (the filter end) are non-biodegradable. Whether you have your own septic tank or on a municipal wastewater system, the filter will have to be manually removed eventually. 

2. Diapers & wipes. Diapers and wipes need to be disposed of in a trash can, not flushed down the toilet. The box may say disposable, but it does not say flushable. Diapers can wreak havoc at your local wastewater treatment plant by clogging massive pipes and filters. 

3. Floss. Dental floss, like everything else on this list, should be disposed of in the trash can, not flushed down the toilet. While thin, dental floss can be deceiving. When flushed, it wraps around other items in the pipes, septic tank, or municipal wastewater system and binds them all together, creating massive fatbergs.

4. Kitty litter. While you probably shouldn't flush gravel-style kitty litter, the clumping litter is the real culprit here. The nature of clumping litter is to bond together when wet so it is easier to scoop out of a litter box later. The problem is that dumping it in the toilet ends up creating a huge, cement-like clog in your pipes that will result in a toilet backup and, possibly, a cracked pipe.

Be conscious of what you flush to avoid needing toilet backup repair services. 

When should you call for toilet backup repair services?

If you cannot clear a toilet back up with a few rounds with a manual plunger, call for toilet backup repair services. Do not attempt to stick anything, like a broom handle, in the toilet to dislodge the clog. You could end up doing even more damage to your home's plumbing system.  

Pay attention to what and how you flush to avoid a toilet backup in your future. If you have questions, discover more on websites run by sanitation services.