Will It Fit? A Layman's Guide To Choosing A Dumpster

From renovation to serious spring cleaning, there are a wide variety of projects around the home that may require the use of a dumpster. Roll-off dumpsters are a great and convenient way to take care of a large amount of trash, but their sizing and usage can be a bit confusing if you've never had to rent one before. Since roll-off dumpster rentals can potentially be costly, it pays to have a good idea of the size that you will need for your particular project. This will not only ensure that the dumpster you rent is large enough for your needs but also save you from having to rent a second dumpster if your initial rental is undersized.

Understand Your Project

It may seem obvious, but the most important part of choosing a dumpster is simply evaluating how much trash you will need to fit in it. Although this seems simple, it can often be a challenge to properly estimate both how much trash you will be disposing of and how heavy that trash might be. When attempting to estimate your disposal needs, consider the type of garbage that you will be removing as well as the amount.

There is no magic bullet to come up with a good estimate, but there are a few questions you can answer that may help:

  • Are you emptying whole rooms? If so, how many and how large?
  • Are you disposing primarily of light materials or something much heavier, like solid wood furniture?
  • Are the materials you are removing easy to compact or will it be difficult to fit even a small amount in a single dumpster?
  • How long will you need the dumpster?
  • Are you removing any material types that will require you to pay additional fees?

Understanding Dumpster Costs

The cost of your rental will vary depending on your location and the roll-off companies in your area, but in general the three factors that will determine your rental cost are the size of the dumpster, the weight of the materials being removed, and the length of time you will be renting the dumpster.

The most confusing aspect of dumpster pricing for most people is the size. Dumpsters are generally sized by the cubic yard, which is the volume of material that can be fit inside of the dumpster. Most dumpsters have fairly standard sizes, so it is possible to get a general idea of the overall size of the dumpster by its cubic yardage. A single 10 or 20-yard dumpster is usually sufficient for emptying one or two average sized rooms, while larger construction projects may require one or more 30-40 yard dumpsters.

In addition to size, dumpster rentals are priced by the length of time (usually daily or weekly) that the dumpster will be needed. Often there will be a minimum required rental time, although this is not true of all rental companies. Finally, the weight of the material you are using will potentially add to the cost of your rental. The initial fee is the base cost to rent the dumpster for the length of time required, but this will likely be modified once the final weight of your debris load is determined.

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