3 Tips for Renting a Dumpster for Your Home Remodel

Are you taking on a home remodeling project? If so, you're probably going to have a significant amount of waste. Perhaps you're throwing out carpet or getting rid of old furniture. Maybe you'll have heavier waste items, like toilets, vanities, or other items. Many people get so excited about planning the remodel that they forget to think about the waste. Unfortunately, many trash companies won't take carpet, furniture, or other home remodeling waste.

The good news is that you have other options. One is to rent a roll off dumpster. These dumpsters sit in your yard or driveway so you can dispose of waste. When you're done, the rental company hauls the dumpster away. It's an easy and efficient solution for a difficult problem. If you decide to rent a roll off dumpster, you'll want to plan the project carefully. Below are a few tips to consider:

Check with your municipality. Many towns and cities have codes and regulations regarding roll off dumpsters, especially on residential properties. They may restrict the amount of time you can keep the dumpster on your property, or they may limit the types of waste that can go into the dumpster. Your town could have restrictions on the times of day in which you can throw waste into the dumpster. Check with your town on their rules and restrictions. Your dumpster rental company should also be able to help with this information.

Plan your waste. One of the biggest challenges with renting a dumpster is estimating the size you'll need. There is a broad range of sizes available. Of course, the larger the dumpster, the higher the cost is likely to be. You can limit your cost by avoiding a dumpster that is too big for your needs. Of course, you also don't want one that is too small. Many dumpster companies aren't legally allowed to take a dumpster if the trash rises above the top edge of the unit. Estimate the size of your trash, or describe the nature of your project to your dumpster company. They can help you determine which size dumpster is right for you.

Limit what you put into the dumpster. You may think that you can throw as much as you want into the dumpster. Technically, you can; however, many rental companies have a variable cost component. They'll factor the weight of the waste into your cost. The less you throw into the dumpster, the less you'll pay. Consider options to reduce your dumpster waste. For instance, if possible, put some of the waste on the curb with your normal trash. Or consider donating items that are still in good shape. Some salvage or donation organizations will even come to your home to pick up items. That could reduce the overall cost of your project.

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