3 Things Your Construction Site Should Have While Building Your New Home

Now that you have decided to build a new home, you'll have to prepare the construction site to optimize productivity and minimize the chance of any problems arising. Here are a few things your construction site should have in place by the time the building process begins.

1. Temporary Fencing

It's a good idea to secure your construction site with temporary perimeter fencing so passersby and would-be vandals can't get into the area both during and outside of working hours. You can rent six-foot-tall chain link fence panels from your local construction supply facility and have them delivered to your job site.

Then all you have to do is connect the panels together to create the fencing you need. And you can create a custom perimeter based on the shape and size of the land you are working on. Once your construction project is complete, you can easily take the panels apart and have them picked up by the rental company.

2. Lockable Storage

It is also important to make sure that there is plenty of lockable storage onsite, so you can keep all of your tools and materials safe from theft when nobody is working. Instead of having to transport everything back and forth between a warehouse and the job site, you can keep everything onsite without having to worry about damage or theft as long as you have secure spaces to store them.

Consider purchasing or renting a shipping container and locking everything inside of it when not in use. Or purchase a couple of metal lockable storage sheds to keep everything in. You can even build a temporary shelter for your tools and materials if you have the time and resources.

3. Portable Toilets

The construction crew you hire will need some amenities, such as bathrooms, to rely on during the workday. If they have to walk or drive to another location every time they have to use the bathroom, the crew's production levels may suffer throughout the construction process.

So, it's a good idea to rent a portable toilet unit for your construction site to ensure that everyone's basic needs are taken care of while they work. Choose a unit that comes with working sinks, so it can be hooked up to a water tank or system and your crew can clean up at the end of a long day. Locate your portable toilets next to a tree and picnic table to create a designated break area for the construction crew to enjoy.

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