Benefits Of Renting A Portable Toilet System For Your Family Reunion

You're hosting a family reunion on your property and you expect a lot of people to show up at your home for fun, mingling, and entertainment. You've prepared your house and yard for guests so everyone has a comfortable place to hang out and has a space to sit down and eat. You're prepared in all ways but one very important one: restroom facilities.

You may have more than one bathroom in your home, but when you have several people in your home for several hours at a time, your bathroom lines are going to grow. Here are reasons to consider renting a portable toilet — or two  — for your family reunion celebration.

You save your plumbing system

If you have a septic system, you're going to risk overflowing your system and can even cause your drain field to overflow when you try to accommodate the needs of many people at once. Your home's septic system is designed to be used by the number of people in your home and the size of your system is based off your home's square footage. Even a few hours of over-use can cause an overflow or clogging issue, which can destroy your yard or cause plumbing to backup in the home.

Renting Port a Potties is a solution that will preserve your home's plumbing. Your sanitation company will place portable toilets in your yard for easy guest use so people have access to a bathroom when they need one without putting your home's plumbing at risk. You can also rent sanitation stations with water washing units or hand sanitizing pumps to make the event more hygienic.

You accommodate special needs

What if one of your guests is in a wheelchair and needs a special ramp or wider bathroom? You can rent a portable toilet that has wheelchair access so all your guests have access to a clean and safe bathroom without compromising their health and safety in the process.

You stay organized

Constantly checking the bathrooms to make sure toilets aren't overflowing and toilet paper is in stock — not to mention making sure medicine cabinets remain untouched — is a challenge when you're trying to entertain so many extended family members. Keep toilet use to outdoors by having portable bathrooms installed in easy-access areas so your guests don't have to frequent your private bathrooms as much. You stay organized while still allowing people the private place they need to do their business.