3 Things You May Need To Rent When Renovating Your Home

Buying a home that you plan to renovate is an excellent way to save some money. If you are going to do the renovation yourself, you might find there are some things you need that you do not have. Instead of running out and buying them, you can rent a lot of things to help get the job done. Here are some hints to get you started.

Getting A Roll-Off Dumpster For Debris

One of the first things you may need that you do not have is a large roll-off dumpster. When you call to rent one, let them know it is for construction debris and materials you are removing from a house. There are often limitations on what you can put in a dumpster, so renting the right one is essential. Many companies will not accept mixed loads either, so make sure there is nothing in the dumpster but construction debris.

If you have several types of material that you need to dispose of, check with the dumpster company to see if they are allowed in the same dumpster or not. Roofing, for instance, is often separated into its own container, and steel studs may or may not be okay with wood debris. Understanding what can and can't be mixed, but the sanitation company will help you.

For more information about roll-off dumpsters, contact a company such as Tennessee Trash Service, L.L.C.

Specialty Tools 

Your tear-out might involve some materials that you were not prepared to deal. Concrete floors could be a problem if you didn't know they were there, but you can rent a jackhammer to tear them up if necessary. From ditch digging machines to specialty hand tools, if you need it for your renovation and don't have it, you can most likely rent it from a tool and equipment rental company.

Renting A Truck

If you do not have a truck to haul materials to the job site or if you are ordering large amounts of material at once, you might need to rent a truck to get the materials home. Most home centers will rent you a truck to do that. They typically have several sizes available, which is helpful if you are buying a lot of material at once. Renting a truck from the home center is a lot like renting a moving van, but the pick-up and drop-off location is at the tool rental counter inside the store.