Repair Or Replace: A Few Things To Know About Your Septic Tank And This Choice

When your septic tank starts to get up there in years, and you encounter an issue with it, you are going to run into the classic problem of if you should repair your septic tank or if it is time to replace it. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Repairing a Septic Tank

There are some times when repairing your septic tank makes the most practical and financial sense. Keep in mind that your entire plumbing system is connected to your septic system.

When the pipes in your home are clogged, deal with the individual drains that are clogged. Often, a little plumbing snake is all that is needed to get rid of a clog. If your drains are more clogged than that, jet cleaning can be used to clean your drainage pipes all the way through to your septic tank

If you have a bad odor coming from your septic tank, this can often be dealt with. Bad odors are often the result of a tank that simply needs pumped, or clogged pipes that need to be unclogged.

If your septic tank is not that old, and a part or component on it becomes damaged, it makes sense to invest in the repair as one part is a lot easier to replace than your entire septic tank.

If you have been taking regular care of your septic tank, and replacing parts are they wear out, it often makes sense to continue to invest in repairs.

Replacing a Septic Tank

Sometimes, it is just not worth it to repair your septic tank. You need to know when to stop spending money repairing it and when to start saving up to replace it.

If you have to repair your septic tank multiple times a year, and this has been happening for multiple years, it is time to replace it. Some repairs are normal; constant repairs are a sign that your septic system just isn't working right.

If your septic system is getting up there in years, and you can count its age in multiple decades, it may be time to replace the tank. Septic tanks are designed to last for a long time, but not forever, so if it needs major repairs and is really old, it may be worth it to just replace the tank.

Finally, if your drainage field field has failed, you may just need to replace your entire septic system. Septic drainage field repairs require digging up the entire field, at which point it may be more worthwhile to just replace your full septic system.

When it comes to choosing to repair or replace your septic tank, it's a personal decision about what you think is worth it and what you can afford to do at that moment. However, a professional septic tank repair company can inspect your system and provide you with plenty of information to allow you to make an informed choice about what is the best course of action for your septic tank and your home. For more information, check out websites like